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Tina the Cheese-monger

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Artisan cheeses. We have lots of great flavours, whether you’re after blue or aged, with cumin or fenugreek or garlic, creamy or crumbly.
Our cheeses are sourced from small New Zealand producers who use organic milk.
Hohepa Cheese (http://www.hohepahawkesbay.com) in Hawkes Bay make a wide range of wonderful cheeses on their biodynamic farm.
We have award-winning gouda from The Cheese Barn (http://www.thecheesebarn.co.nz),
and sheep milk cheeses from Kingsmeade (http://www.kingsmeadecheese.co.nz).

And now selling real sourdough bread from Bread Asylum (https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=bread%20asylum) – one bite and you are hooked. Sourdough bread is the healthiest bread you can eat, and baker Maurice Lees makes Rustic, Olive and Rosemary, and a Walnut and Cranberry loaf.

Stop in every week to get yours @ the Taupo Market.