Are you selling ? apply below

We are always looking for interesting, original or curious merchandise, fresh, clean and tempting produce  and scrumptious, ‘have to come back for this next week’ foods.

Are you shopping ? this is the place to come this Saturday, next Saturday, the one after and the one after that.
Meet the producers, artists and chefs ... be inspired by their passion and take home original gifts for him, her, the garden and for YOURSELF.  Shop for summer fruits, winter vegies, indulge yourself or come for weekly essentials. Want great coffee, a snack or brunch, come for a quick look or meet friends under the yellow gazebo, or just sit and soak up the atmosphere.

We support local charities and welcome information stalls like the ‘neighbourhood watch’ and ‘fluoride free Taupo’.

Check us out

Owning the ‘Taupo Market’ is giving us the chance to work with lots of interesting people and more then anything it gives us the opportunity to meet YOU.

We see the future of the ‘Taupo Market’ in being a main Taupo event. To this end we promise to work hard to accommodate interesting and unusual vendors and attract both locals and tourists to create a vibrant and energetic, ‘must do’, weekly affair – one Taupo’nians can be proud of.

Come and see for yourself and    … be inspired.