Several vendors have added GLUTEN FREE products to their list of goods

Baked w Love added delicious GF filled doughnuts to their list of GF cakes

Raw Balance  -  everything on offer from Carolyn and her team is GF

Nearly all of Dallas’ preserves, jams and chutneys are GF so are some of her perfect cookies   

Inspiration of the week


To improve is to change

To be perfect is to change often












Noriko from Ikoi Massage Clinic 

offers to look after your wellbeing and we can certainly recommend her for a restorative massage that will make you feel great.

You can see her at the Taupo Market most Saturdays or at her room in the Nukuhau Shopping Centre.

Noriko’s caring  attitude and professional approach will fix you up in no time.

Have a chat to her this Saturday.        


Meet Ed who has an orchard in Whakatane  -  bringing us spray-free Mandarins and Oranges, as well as Apples and Avocados.

Ed grows orchids selling them both as cut stems and potted up – beautiful.

I am looking forward to spring and summer when Ed will treat us to Strawberries and Stone-fruit and my favorite  -  Asparagus …

Come on summer …

You find Ed near the Chestnut tree.


Paul and Sande from Volcanic Chocolates 

Ruby Chocolate is the fourth and newest chocolate discovered in over 80 years, founded by Callebaut in 2017.  Made from a rare cocoa bean found only in Ecuador, Brazil and Ivory Coast, Ruby chocolate has a beautiful pink hue that is all natural – no additives, flavours or preservatives.

This unique innovation has been more than 13 years in development. The unique processing unlocks the flavour and colour tone of the Ruby bean. The specific taste experience of Ruby is best described as an intense sensorial delight; a sensual tango of berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness. The fresh berry-fruitiness are naturally present in the Ruby Cocoa Bean.